Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy

The Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the natural environment on Seabrook Island through acquisition of land and land easements.

Recent Property Acquisitions!

The Green Space Conservancy has received a generous donation of property on the corner of Oyster Catcher Court at the entrance to Ocean Pointe adjacent to the Six Ladies Trail, from Alan and Carol St.Clair.  The lot is the twenty-third acquisition in the long history of land preservation by the Conservancy.  

Twenty years ago, Alan and Carol were designing and building a house on Kiawah, and rented a temporary residence on Seabrook’s Old Oak Walk.  Having traveled frequently for his business, Alan and Carol, currently a teacher at Bishop England High School in Charleston, decided that it was time for him to retire and settle someplace permanently.  On their first day on Seabrook, Alan received a call from a friendly neighbor inviting him to play tennis the next morning.  Not familiar with anyone on the Island, he was surprised to be invited to join a group so quickly, but the next day, found 3 new friends waiting for him on the tennis court.  It was this type of friendly community outreach that led the St.Clairs to abandon their Kiawah project and instead settle on Seabrook as the place they wanted to spend the rest of their lives, Alan finding it “…the greatest place I have ever been”.      

Alan feels strongly that the Seabrook Island Conservancy serves a significant purpose in the community and that if one is going to live on the Island, one has to participate.  “Everyone has the opportunity to enrich each of our lives here and to give back in a myriad of ways.   By donating to the Conservancy we are contributing to both the residents and to the future of Seabrook.  I can’t imagine living anywhere else!”

Alan’s humorous recollections on how, after finding he needed a challenge, he began a new business, include wonderful conversations with friends and family, and a final encounter with his Keeshond puppy, Dr. Watson. The  new company, Lead Dog LLC, presented an innovative approach to commercial real estate, and has transformed the professional environment at numerous properties, including the Lowcountry Executive Center on Landfall Way across from Seabrook Island Realty.    

Completing a renovation of their new home on Marsh Hen, the St.Clairs  hope to be living here full time this spring.  Married in 1983, they share a dedication to Seabrook Island, its natural beauty and its comforting sense of community, as well as to their award winning Keeshonds, Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes.

The Green Space Conservancy continues to create “sacred places” to not only sustain crucial wildlife habitats but to preserve peaceful human havens throughout our community.  There are many ways to help in these efforts, and the Conservancy appreciates both monetary and gifts in kind.  Donations of property remain green space in perpetuity.

Woo hoo! The tree frogs are jumping, the bluebirds are chirping while the deer and sea turtles play! The Green Space Conservancy is thrilled to announce that John and Paulette Hynes have generously donated a half acre heavily wooded lot located not far from the marsh on the ocean side of the island. Their concern for conservation, especially the preservation of wildlife habitat, led them to gift the property to the Conservancy. As Seabrook Island is increasingly built out, open space is critical if we want our children, grandchildren, and generations to come to experience the natural beauty we all love and cherish. Thank you so much, John and Paulette, for your kindness and generosity!

~Lisa Cermak

 Oh, Give Us Land Lots of Land….the Critters will Thank you!