Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy

The Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the natural environment on Seabrook Island through acquisition of land and land easements.

Our Vital Habitat

Seabrook Island residents are stewards of over seven miles of pristine barrier island habitat that is host to many species of flora and wildlife.

Why Green Space?

 Maritime Forest

Seabrook's abundant forests include majestic live oaks, palmettos, magnolias, pines, hickories and sweetgum trees.

Barrier Island

Tidal Creeks, marshes and dune areas are critical nurseries for the bait fish, shrimp, crabs  and insects and that feed the herons, egrets, osprey and wood storks who call Seabrook home.

More than 80 species of birds are regularly spotted on Seabrook. They included federally threatened and endangered species such as the Bald Eagle.

Did you know that Audubon International has honored Seabrook Island with a Green Community Award? Seabrook was the first homeowners’  association in SC to achieve this status.

We have approximately 40 ponds on Seabrook that comprise almost 25 acres. More than 30 species of reptiles including frogs, alligators, chameleons and turtles thrive in our critical wetlands.

Slide show photos courtesy of Don Seymour