Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy

The Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy’s mission is to preserve the natural environment on Seabrook Island through acquisition of land and land easements.

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The Green Space Conservancy gives thanks for Seabrook Island's natural beauty and the generosity of our community. Together we have saved 18 properties in the past 15 years, keeping 19.48 acres of land green.

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Undeveloped land on Seabrook Island not only provides scenic vistas but helps maintain a fragile ecosystem.

Green Space Protects|

Wildlife Diversity!

Over 180 bird species

Ecological balance is especially critical on barrier islands. The effects of tidal erosion and shifting dune lines requires active maintenance and stewardship.

30+ amphibians species

75+ types of Mammals

The SIGSC was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation on January 5, 2000 as the Seabrook Island Community Foundation, federal tax ID #57-1090055. The name was officially changed to the Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy in February 2003. In the fourteen years of its existence the SIGSC has received over 18.9 acres in land contributions and purchases with a total value of more than $10 million. This land has been turned over to the SIPOA and the people of Seabrook Island.

Below are several ways you can support the Conservancy. Any other ideas are always appreciated

Direct cash/securities donations

Property donations

Attending the Annual Gala

Donating or purchasing an item at the Gala auction

Any Contribution is Appreciated

Ways You Can Help


The SIGSC's mission is to preserve and enhance the natural environment on Seabrook Island through acquisition of land and land easements, through education on environmental topics and through advocacy  of conservation issues.


Land will be acquired by either donation or purchase. Land acquired and easements obtained will be transferred to the SIPOA for oversight and maintenance.


     and Counting!


Nancy Island now Preserved!

Seabrooker Larry Bradham donated Nancy Island to the Green Space Conservancy in August 2015.

Bateau Trace

We needed your help -

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The 2016 Green Space Gala was the most successful yet! Together we raised over $78,000 for the Conservancy. The Board would like to give heartfelt thanks to every sponsor, donor and attendee. We are also deeply grateful for the assistance of The Club and its dedicated employees for making the evening possible.


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